SATs in Wimbledon SW19 – Preparing your child for the future

Ensuring your child is given the best chance to succeed is essential. So preparing your child for the future is highly recommended. Here is how studying for SATs in Wimbledon SW19 with Judy E can benefit your child.

Preparing your child for the future and giving them the best chance of success is something all parents take very seriously. This is especially true of families seeking private tuition in SW19 and its surrounding postcodes. (Wimbledon has been labelled “a hotspot” for good schools” by The Daily Telegraph.) There are independent schools  famed for academic excellence in the town, and grammar schools in nearby Kingston or Sutton. The competition spurs on our state comprehensives.

Now we know that Theresa May may be planning to lift the ban on grammar schools and launch a new generation of selective state schools. So in spite of controversy around the whole issue the stakes for aspiring parents just got even higher.

With the introduction of SATs for 9 year-olds the achievement bar already went up this year. .Brand new Year 6 Primary pupils are just embarking on a nine month SATS preparation programme. Yet many, many teachers wish these children could be free from life-changing evaluation tests altogether.

sats in wimbledon sw19Why? Because,at this tender age kids are still developing at their own very individual rate

Some youngsters practising for SATS English and 11 plus have recently learnt how to use colons and paranthesis; to write in complex sentences. They are immersed in the pleasure of using these skills. They have the brain power. They just “don’t get” playing beat the clock. It can be heartbreaking for a teacher trying to speed up a dreamy child who is crafting a 5 minute answer to a straight single-point question. Being asked to produce snappy 1 mark answers in endless  – but essential – practice tests bewilders them. Others respond quickly to advice on test technique: Keep answers brief! Don’t linger to ponder over the questions you can’t do!.

If you want to lighten up  SATS preparation with your son or daughter while sticking with the syllabus think outside the box a little. Make it more fun. Go online gaming.with the BBC Education site.

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    September 27, 2016 at 6:33 pm

    SATS is a necessary evil

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